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Top 5 Golf Shoes for 2021

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

We here at Reviewing Golf Clubs have tried on and used hundreds of different golf shoes in order to bring you our Top 5 for 2021. Our feet are tired, but are reviews are solid. Introducing our Top 5 Picks for Golf Shoes in 2021.

5. Puma Men’s Grip Sport

The Puma Men’s Grip Sport is a comfortable and lightweight golf shoe designed to be worn on and off the course. Some might not even know that you are wearing a golf shoe.


The Puma Men’s Grip Sport Golf Shoe boasts of a mesh top that wraps around the whole shoe to ensure maximum comfort and breathability. The shoe has a durable rubber sole to give golfers steady traction. The combination of the lightweight design and long-lasting rubber sole makes the Grip Sport a perfect shoe to wear on and off the golf course.


This is the one negative due to it’s mesh design, making this show not waterproof. This golf shoe isn’t suitable to use on a wet course or in the rain.

Stability and Breathability

For added comfort, the Puma Men’s Grip Sport is designed with an extra roomy fit. The shoe also features a mesh top that’s breathable to keep the foot cool in hot summer weather and a sporty midsole for maximum comfort. For added support and stability while swinging the golf club, the Grip Sport is equipped with a TPU perimeter wrap. The rubber sole increases the shoe’s grip and stability allowing the golfer to remain stable even on a wet course.


This sports sneaker look of the Grip Sport is perhaps inspired by Puma’s line of classic running shoes. The shoe is available in different colors for golfers looking for an athletic, sneaker-type golf shoe.


The Grip Sport Men’s Golf Shoe is really affordable This shoe offers solid support and is great for those who love golfing when the sun is high in the sky. This is one of the best value golf shoes available on the market.

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What we liked:

  • Available in 8 different colors.

  • Has a low-top design for a better style.

  • Offers a snug fit and is durable.

  • Features grip comfort that has better volume and holds the foot firmer.

  • Has a cushioned insole for better energy return.

What we thought was Ehh!:

  • These shoes aren’t waterproof due to the mesh design

4. Nike Men’s Roshe G

The Nike Men’s Roshe G is a stylish golf shoe for men that features a thick midsole and cushioned insole to provide maximum comfort to the player. It also features small spikes that give golfers maximum traction on any golfing terrain.


This shoe features a breathable mesh paneling that allows air to pass freely inside the shoe. The breathability of the shoe ensures that your feet remain cool all the time even in the hot summer weather, but may be a bit cooler in the colder months. You can now perform better in games with the ease and comfort brought by this breathable golf shoe.


The Nike Roshe G soft midsole is designed to back your heel up with the ultimate comfort zone it deserves.


This golfing shoe comes with a cushioned insole to ensure that your feet stay comfortable and free from any injuries. You’ll feel the relaxing embrace of the Nike Roshe G’s cushioned insole once you put them on.


If you’re looking for a casual shoe, then the Nike Roshe G men’s golf shoes are a perfect choice. Most stylish shoes don’t come with spikes, but the Roshe G is equipped with some to give you both style and functionality. The small mini spikes of this golf shoe provide sufficient grip on any surface.

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What we liked:

  • Full lace system that provides a snug fit.

  • Features a comfortable insole that cushions the feet as you walk.

  • Very stylish design.

  • Made of breathable fabric material that keeps the feet cool.

  • Has a shock-absorbing midsole that protects the heel.

What we thought was Ehh!:

  • Doesn’t have any waterproof features.

3. ECCO Men’s Casual Hybrid

The ECCO Men’s Casual Hybrid golf shoes are extremely comfortable, waterproof, affordable, and available in 8 different color styles. They’re perfect to wear both on and off the course.

Wide & Cushioned Interior

The shoe features a cushioned interior designed to keep your sole and side of the foot comfortable throughout the many rounds you will get out of them. It also comes with a wide midsole that’ll give wide footed golfers enough room to wiggle their toes. The removable insole ensures that you can create extra space for your feet.


The Casual Hybrid Men’s Golf Shoe from ECCO has a soft leather upper that’s also water-resistant. This leather skin will help to protect your feet from getting wet if you’re playing in the rain or on a wet course. ECCO uses its proprietary HYDROMAX technology to make this shoe water-resistant. You don’t have to worry about getting soggy socks on those early spring mornings when crushing your drive, since this golf shoe is designed to keep your feet dry.

Grip & Stability

This is a spikeless golf shoe that makes it ideal to wear on and off the course, but still provides enough traction and comfort to players on different terrains at the course. You’re also won’t need to replace spikes every time they wear out. The ECCO Casual golf shoe features an outsole designed with the advanced E-DTS Hybrid Technology to provide maximum grip and stability. The stability offered by the shoe makes it great on a wet course.

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What we liked:

  • Available in five different color designs.

  • Features an E-DTS Hybrid outsole that provides maximum grip and stability.

  • Has a durable leather upper.

  • HYDROMAX technology ensures that the player’s feet remain dry.

What we thought was Ehh!:

  • A few reviewers have complained that the shoes fit wide.

2. ECCO Biom Hybrid 2

The ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 golf shoe has been extraordinarily crafted for comfort and to offer unparalleled support. It features a stylish look that makes it ideal for everyday wear.


The Biom Hybrid 2 golf shoe is made from leather and synthetic material that provide optimum durability. The outer part of this shoe is made from Yak leather, which is softer and is three times stronger and durable than regular leather. Golfers should expect this shoe to not only be highly comfortable but to last them for long. The combination of this leather material, a traction bottom, and stylish design give the ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 a comfortable feel and supportive quality.


This golf shoe features a low to the ground design that ensures better foot placement on the course besides giving a great energy return when walking. This design is very comfortable and the golfer can expect improved leg movement and stronger muscles. Moreover, the Biom Hybrid 2 is a spikeless golf shoe that’s constructed with a durable non-slip rubber sole. It features an insole support system that has silicon printing to provide a snug fit.


ECCO shoes are designed with HYDROMAX weather protection technology to ensure that they’re waterproof, warm, and breathable. The Biom Hybrid 2 isn’t an exception. Designed with ECCO’s proprietary waterproofing technology, this golf shoe is suitable for all kinds of weather and can be worn all year-round. They’re great in keeping the feet dry during the rain or on a wet course, and warm in winter weather.


The ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 is available in a variety of sizes and color combinations. The shoe has been designed with great attention to detail making them stylish and trendy. Since they’re spikeless, this golf shoe is ideal for everyday wear both on and off the course.

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What we liked:

  • It’s available in different sizes and varieties.

  • It’s made of durable yak leather.

  • It features a very durable rubber sole.

  • It has perforations that improve its breathability.

  • It offers exceptional comfort and support.

  • It has a quality lace design.

What we thought was Ehh!:

  • It’s very expensive.

  • Some reviewers mention that it’s rather large.

1. adidas Golf Men’s Tour360 Boost Spiked Shoes

The Tour360 Boost golf shoes feature an outstanding design that’ll keep the golfer’s feet dry and comfortable for an entire round.


This Adidas golf shoe features a 360Wrap technology that surrounds the foot to give a comfortable and snug fit. The technology ensures that the golfers midfoot get optimum support and stability. It features “Torsion Tunnel Technology” and independent heel-to-forefoot flexibility that gives it dynamic control and enhanced arch support. To make the shoes more responsive, the Tour360 creates energy capsules that store and release energy while walking due to the full-length Boost foam and TPU material.


The Tour360 is available in 14 different color combinations that have all been designed with a sporty, athletic look. The shoe has a striking toe stripe that gives it a clean and stylish design ensuring you look the part while on any golf course.


The Adidas Men’s Tour360 golf shoes are made of high-quality leather that delivers incredible comfort, breathability, and durability. This shoe, made for pro-golfers, has a cushion padded insole to improve its comfortability so you can wear them through an 18-hole round. It also features a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) outsole for increased durability and a foam heal for added energy.


This is a great shoe for those who love golfing in the rain or on a wet course. The Adidas Tour360 offers an exceptional waterproof body that makes it perfect for use in a damp course. The leather upper top of this shoe is waterproof ensuring that your feet will remain dry.

Spikes & Collar

The Adidas Tour360 features 10 advanced dual-density spikes and a slip-resistant TPU outsole. A combination of these two ensures that the golfer gets the best stability on any slippery surface and terrain.

This golf shoe also comes with an extra-padded collar that enhances the golfer’s comfort as they walk or run. Unlike other shoes with hard collars, the Tour360 won’t leave you with a scratch on the back of your ankle.


You get what you pay for with the Adidas Tour360 golf shoes. The features that come with this shoe makes it worth the price. Regular golfers will love that the shoe will offer them quality and last them for long. It’s also great for people looking for comfort, support, grip, and durability.

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What we liked:

  • Available in 14 different color combinations.

  • Great waterproof design.

  • Offers optimum comfort because of the Boost cushioning.

  • Made from high-quality materials that ensure its durability.

  • The Tour360 features an outstanding design.

  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.

What we thought was Ehh!:

  • The shoe doesn’t fit well in wider feet and becomes quite uncomfortable at the front.

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