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Top 5 Drivers In 2021

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

1. TaylorMade SIM Driver

The abbreviation 'SIM' means Shape In Motion.

It's an innovation intended to boost swing speed during the piece of the swing when you need it most.

With SIM, TaylorMade has really streamlined the design, which has allowed your clubhead to travel as fast as you can swing at the moment of impact.

TaylorMade SIM drivers have supplanted the well known M5 and M6 models that were utilized by probably the best parts on the planet, and they speak to an adjustment in core interest.

Speed Injected Twist Face remains yet another distinction between the M-Series and SiM is the new chalk-white top-line and super lightweight chromium carbon crown.

The SIM Max driver is pretty forgiving, on account of an 8% bigger face and heavier Inertia Generator in the back of the clubhead.

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2. Callaway Mavrik Driver:

The Mavrik driver busted onto the golf scene and supplanted the very popular Rogue yet it has an enormous profit by the age of Callaway's Flash Face plan.

The Mavrik driver currently uses FS2S titanium, a fascinating material that is astoundingly solid and light. Throw in Calloway's Flash Face Design, Jailbreak technology, and T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown, which promotes faster ball speed, and you have yourself a modern enginering feat!

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3. Mizuno ST200 Driver

The ST190 is an easier, weight-back driver with the ST190G being very customizable with two sliding weight tracks for fine-tuning of spin and shaping of shots.

Mizuno's utilization of Harmonic Impact Technology brings about a tweaked strong sound at sway, and the improved flexibility with the Fast Track builds the functionality of the club taking into account control and direction.

The cleaned weave design on the crown gives a certain vibe. The less articulated sole using Wave Technology has less edges bringing about a solidified sole and improved ball speed.

The ST190 holds the distance of the ST180 yet it does have extra spin. The ST190 Cortech Face is 10% than the remainder of the head while holding a similar Forged SP700 titanium for the remainder of the head.

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4. Cobra King SpeedZone Driver

With the accomplishment of the F9, Cobra has gone above and beyond with the Speedzone. Pretty sure the engineers at Cobra designed cars in a past life, based on their molding of speed and power.

Power comes from the new CNC Infinity Milled Face that further improves thickness for a more steady flight and distance.

The speed comes from the enhanced optimal design and forming, including a raised front and back skirt, helping to amplify clubhead speed by decreasing drag.

Golf players likewise have two models to browse in one or the other yellow or white trim, and there is additionally a Cobra Speedzone Xtreme model which gives expanded absolution on unbalanced hits through an extra 17g fixed weight.

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5. Ping G410 Plus Driver

The Ping Plus driver highlights moveable weight. What does that mean? Well, this driver has a 16g tungsten weight situated on the veryback of the head that can be pushed toward the heel or toe to add 10 yards of a draw.

The Turbulators on the crown have been enlarged and the face has experienced a heat treatment cycle to increase speed.

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