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Updated: Jun 16, 2022

The M2 And M6 Irons from TaylorMade are two of the highest performing irons on the market, with the M2 Set obviously preceding the M6 irons by a couple of years. As we know, the engineers at TaylorMade are constantly working to improve their technology. So, did they do it with the introduction of the M6 irons?

TaylorMade M2 Irons versus M6 Irons
TaylorMade M2 Irons versus M6 Irons

The M2 Irons were released around 2017 and were an enormous hit when they hit the market. They introduced technological breakthroughs to the world of irons like the face slot and speed pocket technology. However, they were mainly marketed as “game improvement irons” built for distance and forgiveness while being easy to hit and even easier to get into the air. The M2 are excellent clubs for any bargain hunters at $500.

The M6 irons are built on the M2 platform and were given larger heads and more prominent sweet spots that result in both forgiveness and accuracy. I know, larger heads and sweet spots don’t necessarily mean a better club, but the advanced technology sets them apart. Those crazy TaylorMade engineers went a step further by introducing Speed Bridge technology to the M6. By incorporating both Speed bridge and the slot Speed pocket technology, they added stability, ball speed, and smooth impacts, even on mishits. The M6 is built for ball speed and distance while allowing for a bit of forgiveness. The deep undercut and low COG allow for an easy launch, and the High MOI of the irons maximizes the overall club speed and performance. The face is “Speed Injected,” which allows for a consistent ball strike with better overall distance. You will also see the sweet spot on the M6 is massive, allowing you to hit it straight and far consistently.

Now you know a little more about what each Set of irons has to offer on a high level, let’s dig down a little deeper into what irons are best for you.


The M2 has been extremely popular since their release in 2017 and have set the blueprint for the modern Sim 2 Irons that we see on the market today. The technology incorporated in these irons basically changed the standard at which all irons were made moving forward.

The M2’s are primarily built for distance, but you will also see they are very forgiving. However, when compared to other “Game Improvement Irons,” you will notice that the heads on the M2 clubs are a bit smaller and more compact because they are built for distance, and while they are forgiving, the smaller head does not allow as much forgiveness as the M6.

The m2’s use face slot technology for forgiveness on off-center hits and a speed pocket to maximize ball speed. These technological advances, coupled with the Tungsten weighting, lower the COG of the irons, making it easy to get an effective launch angle. Combine all of that with the well-defined leading edge, and you will get the quality turf interaction that most golfers require when looking for new irons.

The M2 Irons are perfect for improving players looking to add distance while also having a tremendous feel for high to mid handicappers. Overall, if you’re looking to improve your game and get straight distance, the M2’s are going to be a great option.

M2 Irons – Selling Points

  • Compact Heads

  • Tungsten weighting

  • Defined leading edge

  • Face Slots for increased forgiveness

  • Speed Pocket Technology for increased ball speed

  • Competitive price ($500 for the Set)

  • Thin top line

  • Low center of gravity

  • Solid sound on impact

  • High launch

  • Good turf interaction

  • Multi-Material construction

  • Reduced offset

  • Face slot technology

  • A couple of years older and better value


  • Several years old

  • It can be hard to find the proper specifications

  • Slightly lower ball speeds than the M6


The M6 builds on the success of the M series, which has changed the landscape for iron performance for the entire game. Sometimes improving something that has already changed the game is challenging, but the M6 takes all of the technological advances from the M2 and takes it to another level.

With the addition of Speed Bridge technology to the already impressive technology of the M2, add a more prominent sweet spot, and include deeper undercut. So you suddenly get a club that not only increases distance but adds forgiveness. Two things that every golfer wants in their game.

The M6 irons will be perfect for anybody who is getting into the game but are also going to provide a ton of performance for golfers of any ability. Whether you are a high or a mid-handicapper, the M6 irons are some of the best irons around for distance and forgiveness.

M6 Irons – Selling Points

  • Speed Bridge Technology

  • Speed Pocket

  • Deep undercut

  • Massive sweet spot

  • Competitive price

  • High MOI

  • Inverted Cone Technology and an ultra-thin face

  • Compression damper advanced Hybar

  • Optimized for forgiveness

  • Great ball speed

  • Longer distance

  • Less vibration at impact


  • Usually priced a bit higher

  • Thicker top line


The TaylorMade M2 and TaylorMade M6 irons are some of the most popular irons that TaylorMade has ever released. Both clubs have some unique benefits; however, both will appeal greatly to the mid to high handicap players. You ask a golfer what they want in their game, and they are going to tell you they want distance, forgiveness, and consistency, and they want it from their clubs. So, even after all this information, let’s see if we can help you narrow down if the M2 or the M6 is a better set of clubs for your particular game.

Since the M6 is a newer release, you will definitely get extra distance because of the Speed Bridge technology. Speed Bridge helps golfers to get better ball speed and, in turn, it will add extra distance. So even though the M6 has the same lofts as the M2, you will notice that you can get a few extra yards based on this impressive technology.

Both sets will include the 4-PW, AW, but the M6 gives you the option for the SW and the LW in addition. Both the M2 and the M6 are going to be available in the graphite and steel shafts. The shaft choices are for lightweight and high launching shafts.


Well, what’s your current handicap? If your handicap is above a 15 or so, you should consider both of these sets because the M2 and the M6 irons will appeal to similar players.

Are you struggling to get good ball flight on your shots? Then M2 set is one of the best options on the market. It takes quite a bit of swing speed and precision to get a high launch on a golf shot, and with the M2, you will not only get the distance that you need but, the ball will be flying with a much higher arc. The M2 has also been on the market longer, so you can grab them at a bargain price of around $500.

The M6 definitely plays longer than the M2’s. As mentioned earlier, the distance comes from the addition of the Speed Bridge’s technology. While the M6 irons don’t have the same high launch characteristics as the M2’s, the center of gravity in the M6 is still low, making them a better choice for the golfers seeking pure distance.


The M2 and the M6 are offered in the 4-PW AW; however, you can also get sand and lob wedge with the M6 Set. Does this matter? I know many people like having the option of adding these wedges, but they are a bit bulky, so don’t make that your deciding factor. I tend to have wedges that fit and feel perfect for me, so replacing them to match a set doesn’t always make sense. Before you make your final decision, make sure you try the wedges; you might be happy with what you already have.


Feel is always a matter of personal preference. Of course, you need to touch, feel, and swing these clubs to see if they suit you and your particular game, but the technology has a few differences. The M2 features Geocoustic tuning, which helps give it a better feel and precision. In addition, the M6 irons have introduced the brand new HYBAR technology that helps to lessen vibration at impact. In our opinion, if you are very concerned with the overall feel, the M6 feels a bit more like a forged club than the M2.


The M2 are usually found at a lower price than the M6 as they have already been around for several years.


Let’s face it. If you are in the market for a new set of irons, and you are debating between the TaylorMade M2’s or the TaylorMade M6’s, then you are not going to make a wrong decision. Both sets are high on technology and will improve your game, but understanding your game and selecting the Set that best fits you is critical.

Either way, TaylorMade has presented you with two sets of irons that will significantly improve your game.


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