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TaylorMade Golf Spider Putter Review

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

So, why is everyone talking about this new putter (TaylorMade Spider), and why are you seeing so many pros using this putter on the tour? When a club gets this much attention it piques our curiosity, and the sudden urge to try it out for ourselves overcomes us. So, we did.

Spoiler Alert! This putter is terrific, but this would be a pretty short and boring review unless we tell you how we came to that conclusion, so let’s give you a little background on what we found.

I’m sure you already know TaylorMade, they have been an innovator in golf clubs for years, and the Spider Series has been around for a few years, but each year they improve on their technology. This year TaylorMade introduces 4 new designs for 2021: Spider EX, Spider S, Spider SR, and Spider X. In keeping with the “True” Spider design the overall look remains fairly unique, and because they have had so much success with the design, that has not changed much over the years, just the technology that they implement into it. These putters have a high MOI (High Moment of Inertia), incredible feel, and a pure roll. This new technology combines a heavy (320g) steel frame with a lightweight (15g) carbon composite sole to provide extreme perimeter weighting in a more streamlined shape.

Weight CUSTOMIZABLE To Your game

We agree the design is cool, but what does the design mean for the putter’s efficiency and accuracy? Well, the distinctive Spider “rocket pods” on the back of the previous versions have been replaced by two blue steel weights, that move the mass towards the rear corners. This is the first-time weights were specifically designed for their putters, previous Spiders all used the weights from the R7 Quad driver. This results in prefect balance and a consistent, repeatable stroke.

If you are thinking that seems like a lot of technology for one little putter, and why does weight matter? Well, you can customize the weight according to your need from as little as 2 grams up to 12 grams. That’s pretty cool, not a lot of other putters give you that option. When the weight is distributed to the club heads perimeter perfectly, it will greatly increase stability, and thus improve your stroke.

To get a good look at this you will need to rotate the club and check out the sole of its head. Located in the club’s central mass area you will find the carbon fiber piece.


Let’s talk a little about that carbon composite sole. This piece is crucial in optimizing the weighting of this putter. It assists in allocating weight on any one side of this driver’s toe and heel section.

The frame in this club comes with areas that are perfectly carved out for this weight optimization purpose. It’s actually a pretty slick design…Form and Function!


Balance is only a piece of the puzzle. Alignment is critical. You can have the perfect balance, combined with the forgiving nature of this club head, but if you are not properly aligned then all of that other stuff only gets you close to the hole. To drop that little nugget in the hole on a consistent basis you need excellent alignment. This club has it. TaylorMade did actually studies on the optimal shape for alignment, and the flowing white band, that is about half the width of a golf ball was chosen. As you address the ball you will notice that the flowing white band stands out (True Path Alignment).It kept me focused and made sure my face was square and my alignment perfect.

Let’s face it, when your putts are more consistent, you become a more confident golfer, allowing you to repeat your stroke with more success.

Of the nice touches with this putter is the alignment isn’t painted on the head, instead is indented into it, and the impressiveness of the design doesn’t stop there. The depth of the head makes it well connected to the top line.


Like replacing the filters in your car, this is an improvement TaylorMade implemented, which you cannot see, but will certainly hear. TaylorMade has been introducing this technology in many of its products, and it ‘shas been quite successful. This model in particular, has a white surlyn insert in place that is made just a bit thicker.

With such technology, the grooves will make it easy to introduce the forward roll on that white ball. This way, the ball will move quickly and accurately to reach the target. You don’t get to see such an efficient pure roll in any other clubs. Bottom line, the Pure Roll insert increases topspin and improves forward roll for distance control.


Every golfer will tell you they don’t care about color, but let’s be honest…some of these colors are pretty cool. I liked the standard black and white, but there are color options if you like to spice it up little, like the Dakota copper or Navy Blue. The Navy Blue was actually designed for Dustin Johnson, but he actually liked the Copper better.


TaylorMade’s 2021 Spider putter family is best fit for golfers looking for soft feel, enhanced stability, and easy alignment on the greens. With their mallet shapes and perimeter weighting, every putter in the 2021 Spider lineup fits the bill, so if price is not a deterrent to purchase, then there’s really reason not to add this terrific putter to your bag of clubs. Rarely will you get both excellent stability and forgiveness within one putter…. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to find the sweet spot all the time. Try one out, and when you start dropping putts like a pro you can come back and thank us later.


  • Personalized feel from redesigned weight ports

  • True path alignment system

  • Durable and stylish looks

  • Color options

  • Forgiveness is impressive

  • Finding the sweet spot becomes easy

  • Vibration damping PU foam for enhanced sound and feel


  • The price is too much

  • Some might not like the color options


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