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Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder Review

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

The Gogogo Laser RangeFinder is a golf gadget filled with extra's that you might only find in rangefinders 4x the cost. With this rangerfinder you will discover a precise, cost-effective golf gadget that will help to improve your overall golf game by providing you with accurate distances for each and every shot on the course.

The GogoGo Sport Rangefinder is not as flashy as some other rangefinders on the market. Still, considering that the GoGoGo is much more reasonably priced and can compete with some of the same features the more expensive models carry, this rangefinder is a must consider.

Let's face it. I had a tough time dropping over $200 for a gadget that I might only use 10-12x a season, but when I found the GoGoGo Rangefinder priced under $100, I decided to give it a look. After a few times on the course, I wanted to share my overall thoughts on this handy-dandy little device.


I'm sure you've seen rangefinders in the past or even played with someone who has one, but due to the price, maybe you were a little hesitant to pull the trigger on buying one. The GoGoGo Rangerfinder changes all that. Priced below $100, this little rangefinder gives you everything you need to determine distances on any course.

One of the benefits I found by using a rangefinder is genuinely understanding how far you are from the pin. I like to play different courses, but the one negative to that is I have no idea how the course is set up. I would constantly use the wrong club because I didn't have accurate yardage, I trusted the markers on the course, but they can't measure the angle or where the pin is placed on the green. Finally, I realized I was always giving away shots and hurting my score because I was guessing how far to hit it. Once I started using a rangefinder, I felt much more confident in my club selection, and my scores reflected it.


Rangefinders are only as good as the optics they are equipped with. Let's face it when you are trying to determine distances, bad optics, or a lens that can't give you the details for 400 yards out won't help you at all. On the other hand, the GoGoGo Rangefinder has a 6x magnification lens that can bring objects up to 600 yards away into clear focus. In fact, according to their website, this little device has a measuring range from 5 to 650 yards, which is extremely impressive. So listen, if you are playing a course with holes longer than 600 yards, then maybe you need a telescope rather than a rangefinder.

How does that lens compare to other rangefinders on the market? I took a look at two rangefinders that were double the cost of the GoGoGo, and the lens quality was precisely the same. If I handed all three to you to try on the course, you would never be able to tell me which one was more expensive.

What I like is the vibrating pin lock feature. When looking into the rangefinder, aiming the crosshair near the flag, and slowly panning over it, the GoGoGo will read the distance and vibrate once it has accurately locked onto the flag.

Locking into the pin is only one aspect of choosing the correct club. Every course has hazards put strategically to mess with every golfer. Unfortunately, sometimes it's impossible to know the distances to a bunker or the water from your current position on the course. This little gadget has a continuous scan mode that allows you to see the distance to multiple targets within view of the device. This feature gave me a better read on how far the hazards were, and once I knew this, I changed my club selection. Previous rounds probably would have seen me find the water, but knowing I probably couldn't carry it, I clubbed down and saved a shot.

Who is it made for?

This handy little gadget is made for every golfer. Unless you are a tour pro that has your own personal caddy walking the course before you play it, or unless you belong to a club that has excellent GPS in their carts, then the GoGoGo Rangefinder is for you.

If you have never used some sort of rangefinder to calculate your distances, then I highly recommend you invest in one. You will be amazed at how many times you were going to hit one club, and after you get an accurate distance, you will be better able to determine the club you should use. No more guessing!

Overview of the GoGoGo Rangerfinder

The GoGoGo Rangerfinder is an easy compact golf gadget that will immediately help you shave strokes off your game. Easily store this rangefinder in your bag, and grab it as soon as you hit the first tee,

Using this rangefinder is easy and intuitive. It sits easy and comfortable in your hand and can be operated with just a few buttons. There are two core buttons on the top: On/Off and Target LOCK. The lens is terrific and can measure from 5 to 650 yards, and has four features that can be found on much more expensive rangefinders:

  1. Slope Compensation

  2. Vibration Confirmation

  3. Flag Lock

  4. Continuous Scan

This rangefinder also comes with a 'focus' wheel on the eyepiece to sharpen the image you are targeting, depending on your eyesight. Still, one of the biggest bangs for your buck on this gadget is the SLOPE setting which allows for the gradient of the terrain, thus giving you pinpoint accuracy from anywhere.

One of the things that annoyed me about my last rangefinder was if my hand was shaking when I didn't always get an accurate reading, but not with this rangefinder. This includes the M2 setting, which allows you to lock on to your target.

Value for the money

If you are reading this, then there is a good chance you have priced out rangefinders in the past. A quick search on Amazon for Golf Rangefinders, and you will see similar products price over $300. Do you need all of that? It's really up to you, but the GoGoGo Rangefinder can give you everything you need for under $100.


At this price point, I was not expecting that much from this little rangefinder, and I certainly wasn't expecting to have a substantial list of pros, but this little gadget surprised me. In fact I just took it on my honeymoon, and used it on a few different courses in Barbados. It made a world of difference in which club I selected based on not knowing the course at all.

  • Easy to use and store

  • Extremely affordable compared to competitors

  • The rubber grip makes it comfortable in hand.

  • Adjustable diopter lens that reduces reflected light.

  • Measuring range to 650 yards

  • Provides high-precision distant measurement

  • Pin-Seeking and Flagpole-Locking Vibration

  • Continuous range readings


For the cost of this gadget, I didn't find that many things to complain about.

The only issue I saw, which wasn't huge, it took 8 seconds for it to give me the distance to the flag. The more expensive models seemed to return the distance much quicker, but I'm not sure that justifies paying 2x the amount.

  • There is a slight delay in measuring distances compared to more expensive models

  • Some have complained that you have to pan over the flag to get the distance

  • A few times, the readout text will go out of focus when adjusting the lens.

  • There were occasions that the rangefinder picked up background objects instead of the intended target.

Final Word

Overall, I'm happy with this rangefinder. It works excellent and gives accurate yardage. I've compared to a rangefinder about 4x the price, and the data is nearly identical. The only real con I have seen is the time delay when returning the results, but waiting 8 seconds is worth saving almost $200. Overall, the GoGoGo Rangefinder is an excellent value for money.


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