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Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin Cero Putter- Review

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

The Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin Cero Putter engineers get it. By creating milled variable depth grooves on the face creating the optimum level of speed control. This line offers a variety differing sizes of head and inserts, giving you options based on your game.

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Think about when you address a put? Do you have your eyes directly over the ball? The Cleveland engineers don’t think so, so they came up with a nifty solution to improve your alignment. They discovered if they raised (and highlighted) the sightline up to the height of the balls center, they can improve your alignment and create a more accurate stroke. Pretty cool, right? But wait, that’s not all. Each of these six models has something called Speed Optimized Milling, which basically adjusts the energy transference. How does this help? Well, every putt rolls to the same distance regardless of where you hit it on the face. Meaning, off-center hits should go the same distance as square hits, giving you a bit more forgiveness with every putt. The polymer insert behind the milled insert makes it extremely soft and the club face is high on moi.

This putter rated high on our list based on its multi-material head construction, that uses a Polymer TPU face inserts, which dampens vibrations, and enhances feel. The face milling is three times deeper than previous models, which gives each strike of the ball an exceptionally soft feel.

What We Liked!

  • Outstanding balance.

  • Easy to swing.

  • Solid feel and role.

  • Provides good distance control.

  • Clever alignment system.

What we thought was Ehh!

  • Steel insert is only connected to the polymer backing

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